About Me

My name is Samuel Horwitz and I am a software developer with a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from New York University. I am currently employed at Kargo as an engineer. I have worked with a variety of languages and frameworks including PHP (CodeIgniter/Doctrine), MySQL, Objective-C (Cocoa and Cocoa Touch), Javascript (and jQuery), Java, x86 Assembly, C, HTML and CSS, ActionScript/Flash and more.

I enjoy programming a lot and I hope this blog can be a place where I discuss my current work and projects and people can learn or at least find interest in my ramblings.

This blog's name, Logical Ore, is a pun derived from the the term for logical disjunction and ore which is a rock filled with unrefined minerals. I suppose that many ideas that come out of this blog are unrefined like the minerals in ore and in a way are rough sketches of things to come. Haha just kidding, I just like Minecraft. And puns.

Speaking of puns, if you arrived from my tumblr, Digital Quips, please note that my about page there is a joke.