Monday, May 23, 2011

Media company One Line Creative's website launch

I recently had the pleasure of implementing a website for Thomas Byrd and One Line Creative which has recently launched. One Line Creative is a media production company and you can check out their videos on the website and also the One Line Creative blog.

When implementing the website, I tried to keep the amount of tags to a minimum and adhere to standards (specifically XHTML 1.1). My intent was to create a semantically proper site which kept itself simply and tidy in the HTML area and relied on CSS fully for styling without suffering from divitis and making sure to use tags that conveyed meaning without going crazy with general tags such as span and div and without using semantically useless tags such b. If you take a look at the site, you will see that the header graphic/logo is actually stuck to the lower right. This is good for a browser that can render things properly and for people who visit the site but for this to look relevant to a search engine or anything else that relies on semantics, it would be a bad idea to position the logo at the bottom without accounting for the fact it is an image and not at the top of the page.

The thing is, thanks to CSS, the img is at the top of the page. It is simply rendered by modern browsers in the lower right. However, it's position as a page header is maintained despite the artistic liberty of placing a header at the bottom of a page. Thanks to the alt attribute, a search engine also doesn't have to worry about the image being not readable; it will know what the image conveys (the name of the company: "One Line Creative").

Here are some screenshots of the website as viewed by Lynx to demonstrate what the page looks like stripped of prettiness but not of utility.

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  1. As a birthday present for you, I'm not gonna write a silly comment on this post. The website looks great bouffalant :)